Little Town Themes

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through this page before sending me an email. Your question might already be answered.

Free Theme Questions

Are your themes really free? Yup! If you can install it without paying, you can have it. No catches or gotchas. All I ask is to keep the credit on the bottom right corner linking back to this site.

Can I edit your free themes? Sure can! If you know what you're doing, just go to Customize > Edit HTML and do your thing. As long as you're not planning to redistribute or sell my themes, we're cool.

Why doesn’t my Twitter feed show up? Before you can put up a Twitter feed, you have to authorize Tumblr to access your Twitter account. You can do this under Settings on your Dashboard.

Can you teach me how to code? How do I do _____? I'm afraid I can no longer answer these questions individually due to time constraints. Plenty of coding questions I get can be easily solved through Googling the problem, so feel free to look it up. I'm planning on writing a few tutorials in the future too, if you'd like to watch out for those.

What if it's a bug in your theme? Then yes, please contact me! Bugs need to be brought to my attention.

I tried to customize my theme, but it broke. Help me? Depending on the issue, I can try looking into it. I won’t help you if you take off the theme credit though.

Custom Design Questions

How much is a custom theme? That would depend on what you want in your theme. Extra features and additional graphics will cost more as they take more hours to complete. Let me know your budget, and we can discuss it.

How long can I expect my custom theme? Your theme will be ready in two weeks at most.

Other Questions

Who are you? My name is Raisa. I'm a web developer.

Do you have a blog? Tumblr? I keep a proper blog at Little Town. My Tumblr is a hot mess trashblog.

I have an open-source project lined up. Can you help me? I’d love to! Shoot me a message, and we can talk about it. Besides HTML and CSS, I also work with Javascript, PHP, and Ruby on Rails.