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I feel really silly asking this but, even after I turn on the option to show my tweets, I don't see them on my blog. Can you help me out?

Check to see if you’re logged in Twitter under “Blog Settings” on your dashboard. 


To the person who messaged me about speech bubble asks before, could you message me again please? Sorry, I lost your username. ><  I know this is a longshot, but I hope you see this!

I'm using Orange Pop (beautifully well-done theme, by the way), and I was wondering how I'd go about putting a small border around images in posts automatically?

Hello, thank you for using my theme! 

To place a border around images, go to Customize > Advanced Options and paste this code under Custom CSS:

div.text p img, img, div.answer img, img {
     border: 1 px #000;

This will place a solid black border around the images. You can change the values into other styles to get the look you want.  Refer to W3School’s border properties page for a quick reference.

Hello, Orange Pop is a beautiful theme, thank you! My question is: I want Ask and Submit to show up under Links instead of under the banner, but the banner links seem to be enabled by virtue of the feature being enabled. Is there a way to hide the top links?

Hi there! The top navigation isn’t a toggled feature so you can’t disable it under Customize. You can always remove the code if you want it gone. Go to Edit HTML and delete the highlighted lines starting on line 657:

hi, i'm using your Orange Pop theme because it is so beautiful. how can I make the post/content width smaller? and how do i change the font size to make it a bit smaller? i'm not very good with codes... thanks!!!

This isn’t a perfect solution since Orange Pop isn’t meant to be scalable, but here we go:

1. Go to Customize > Edit HTML

  • On line 704, change {PhotoURL-HighRes} to {PhotoURL-500}
  • On line 723, change {Photoset-700} to {Photoset-500}
  • On line 807, change {Video-700} to {Video-500}

2. Click back (the left arrow), go to the bottom of the customize panel, and click Advanced Options. Paste the following code on Add Custom CSS:

main { max-width: 880px; }

div#site-content { max-width: 620px; }

h3.article-title { max-width: 510px; }

article > div { max-width: 500px; }

header * { font-size: 14px; }

main * { font-size: 12px; }

You can change the font-size to any number you want. You should be able to see it in the previews. Again, this isn’t a perfect solution but it should work. Feel free to fiddle with the numbers as you see fit. 

hi again, yeah I mean on the main page. thanks again.

I was making the tutorial when I realized it’s more complicated than I thought. :’D If you don’t mind, I’m filing this as a Feature Request and updating my theme with tags on the index page. Sorry about the delay!

There *is* kind of a simple way to do it now, but Orange Pop isn’t optimized for showing the tags on the index page so it’s not gonna look the best.

Around line 852, you should see this: 

Just delete {block:PermalinkPage} and {/block:PermalinkPage} (the first and last lines, including the brackets). It’ll show up on the index page, but it’s not gonna look optimized. :’D Stick around for a real update!

hi, I've just started using your Orange Pop theme, and was wondering how to make it show tags. I'm basically useless with tech/computer/internet stuff, I haven't seen an option on the Edit Theme part. If you could help that would be epic because I really like your theme and want to keep using it but I want to show my tags. anyhow thanks, sorry for being an idiot and bugging you

Hi, don’t worry about it!

The tags are on the permalink page by default. Did you mean you want them on the index page? That’ll take some messing with the HTML. I’ll have to make a tutorial for that because it takes a number of steps.

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